How to Make Beef Brisket

By Underground Food Collective (Madison, Wisconsin)

Still image from Underground Meats’ vodcast, ‘Prepping Fountain Prairie Farms beef brisket’
Red Meat Market’s unique combo of sustainable meat + social media is accelerating the Social Food Movement in Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. We’re empowering consumers to celebrate good meat through a variety of events that transform shopping into an experience packed with fun, friends and flavor. Our “Meat Ups” at restaurants, specialty food shops and bars unite the good people who share a passion for healthful, locally-raised red meats. We offer other social learning experiences as well, including butcher demos, “Hoof HordesSM” (like “crop mobs” for pastured livestock) and farm dinners. Collectively, our menu of events represent an “Arc of Engagement” for all of our steak-holders which spans the pasture-to-plate food path, providing meaningful social learning experiences for producers, processors, purchasers and consumers of red meat.

One of the best examples we’ve seen in making good meat the focus of social learning is the remarkable work of the talented epicureans at Underground Food Collective in Madison, Wisconsin. They “work together, drawing on our experiences and training to produce food that’s better than any one of us could do.” Part of their work involves catering to carnivores through Underground Meats, which creates hand-crafted salami and cured meats, selling their products wholesale to restaurants and markets and direct to consumers through their community-supported agriculture (CSA)-style meat offerings. An entertaining video podcast (“vodcast”) demonstrates their craft of curing local meats—in this case, Highland beef brisket from Fountain Prairie Farms in Fall River, Wisconsin.