MEAT is good TV, live on TastyTrade TV

By Mark Wilhelms

As both a Tech start up and a traditional business, Red Meat Market is a unique business proposition. A social, local and digital marketplace where meat buyers can, in one place, easily source and order local, sustainable, organic/grass-fed meat products from multiple local providers and Black Earth Meats, a $5 million dollar leader in local natural wholesale, retail and processing. It’s worth the “run-on” sentence. Red Meat Market empowers the buyer to purchase and empowers the local providers to market and sell easily. More than that, its fun! It’s social!

Our founder, Mark Wilhelms’ appearance on tastytrade TV, an investor network in the heart of downtown Chitown, proved this very point once again. Meat can be fun! Hosts Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista, both red meat lovin carnivores had a ball while our founder “bobbed and weaved” around any and all things steak, on four legs or on a plate. Wilhelms makes the case why buying local, sustainable helps not only the environmental but the animals and the health of the population. Hey Investors, wanna go green? Here’s your chance to get yourselves in the Good Meat Mooovement. Red Meat Market will provide an opportunity to investors to get in and Wilhelms gives the entire pitch cutting, serving and eating pure grass-fed steaks hot off Sosnoff’s desk.

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Mark Wilhelms is the Founder of Red Meat Market. You can find Mark on and Twitter