Romance by the fire and the Tenderloin Filet

By Mark Wilhelms

The romance of young man and a young woman can be embodied in quiet dinner, a fireplace, Sinatra, red wine and the lean and delicate Tenderloin Filet as an entree.

No cut of beef represents romance quite like the tenderloin filet. Restaurants and prepare dish after dish especially designed for two. The Filet is the perfect choice for impressing that special someone or marking a milestone occasion. It’s luxurious, exclusive, expensive, and seductive.

The tenderloin filet comes from two tube shaped muscles that run down both sides of the animals spine, receiving little exercise. Like a beautiful woman, the filet keeps a delicate texture. One will find it unnecessary to use fast, bold or aggressive treatment. With the Filet, steak knives are optional.

wine and fireplaceThe tenderloin filet is also very lean, containing very little intramuscular fat and no fat cap; making it a great match for the health conscious. Special care needs to be taken during the cooking process, as it overcooks easier than other cuts of beef. Some cooks choose to introduce more fat at some point during the cooking process. Wrapping the sides of the filet with bacon is the most popular way of counterbalancing the lack of fat.

When I cook a Tenderloin Filet, I like to elevate the experience of luxury by pairing the filet with other rich and decadent accompaniments; butter poached lobster tail, truffle compound butter, or wrapping it with a beautiful dry cured pork belly. For a truly romantic treat, use a woodburning fireplace and a Nonstick Rectangular Grill Basket by Charcoal Companion or Weber. Prepare your Filets and place them in it. Light the fire, put on some Jazz; John Coltrane, Chet Baker or Chris Botti. If your as old I am, or just cool, you’ll opt for Coltrane, Sinatra, Bennett or better yet, Dean Martin.

Open some red wine and set a table near the fire place. Be sure there are a pile of hot embers before you begin grilling. Once the embers are ready, add a thin log in the back and one in the front. Now place your basket of Tenderloin Filets in the center about 3-4 inches above the coals. Let them sear for 3-4 minutes then flip it to the other side. Around this time you’ll need to get your sides in order and ready.

Steak Romance Pour the first glass of wine. Light some candles. After 3-4 minutes lift the Filets off the fire and stand the basket on in directly on the baskets side end off the side of the fire. After 2-3 minutes flip the basket again to the other side! Be gentle. They are little ladies. Check the temperature with a Fork thermometer and take it off at rare. Sit down and pour your second glass of wine. Place each filet on the plate. Softly as to not disturb the meat. Let the steak rest in front of you for at least 5 minutes. Take in the moment. Smell the wood burning. Drink your wine. Enjoy the richness of the Filet as the juices begin to return to the center of the cuts. Savor the romantic pre-entree, foreplay in anticipation of a beautiful meal and a wonderful evening with someone you love. The impact will be similar to that of a dozen long stem roses or a beautifully written love poem. I’ll go on record gentlemen: A cold snowy night; a beautiful woman, a fireplace, Sinatra, red Wine and red meat is a symphonic blend of beauty that she’ll forever remember you by. Unless you overcook the filet, then you’re a loser but here was I? As Frank Sinatra used to say to the many girls he had; “Sleep tight, sleep well, sleep warm” I’ll just say, “Serve her a filet; it’s that sexy”

Mark Wilhelms is the Founder of Red Meat Market. You can find Mark on and Twitter