The real deal - Beef Liver, Simply Offal and Jowls

Nice article on Red Meat Market in Tasting Table on our, now famous, Adventurers Box!

You can find this great gift box at but whats inside it is what people are buying like crazy!

This package includes; Short Ribs, Beef Liver, Simply Offal and Jowls

Dale Bonk, Black Earth Meats (our partner) resident, Retail Manager, Butcher, Chef and Meat Guru says the jowls are pork and the ‘Offal Tasty’ is actually a proprietary grind we produce here. It’s a blend of 35% beef liver, 25% beef, 25% beef kidney and 15% beef tongue. We originally developed it for our pet-owners, but have found that many customers (especially the paleo-folks) have been getting hooked on it. In fact, it’s going to be featured in an upcoming national TV segment I’ll be making a beef scrapple with locally grown & milled organic cornmeal and flour for the show. It’s gonna be a blast!

As a full meat processor and butcher shop, I had many options for what to include in this box…just about anything that comes from an animal, except tripe/intestines/stomachs. (Our license doesn’t allow it. And, frankly, I’m glad we don’t have to clean them.) At first I wanted it to be ‘adventurous’ but not ‘extreme,’ so I kept the selection fairly mainstream, as it were. Depending on how it’s received, I may very well add another one or two; I really want to start a revival for oxtails, for instance. And beef cheeks, for that matter.

Also as a full processor, we have to find a way to utilize all the animal, not just the chic tenderloins and porterhouses. So, our retail case will usually also have chuck eye steaks, flat iron steaks, sierra cuts, petite & mock tenders, cross-cut shanks, and more. Sure, it takes a little education for the customer (what is it? how do I cook it?), but keep in my mind, the more a customer knows about their food sources, the more they enjoy their meals.

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