Welcome to the Revolution

By Bartlett Durand

Barlett Culture  Revoulotion Inside

At first glance Red Meat Market just looks like a nice website selling meat.

But it is much more than that. I believe it is revolutionary—literally.

Red Meat Market is trying to bring social into the online merchant picture. It is about bringing together the folks who demand higher quality food and bypassing the industrial food system altogether. Not in the Facebook-we-grab-your-data-to-sell-you-things way, but to build a true community. A community of people who care about good food and the people who make it possible to eat that food. It is about farmers, butchers, chefs and eaters. It is about slowing down enough to realize what an incredible thing it is to have good food available to us. It is about connecting on line and in person to share these stories. It is about stepping outside the normal distribution food chain—the shackles the industry puts on us all—and not only demand good food, but be part of a community that buys it directly.

In the end, Red Meat Market is about taking the power of the food system back from the industrial distribution chain and giving it to the people. Instead of an amorphous “please buy local food”, we can now buy it directly and support those restaurants who support local food. We’ll have a network of butcher shops, restaurants, and food carts—along with CSAs, buyers’ clubs, and meat-ups—where our community can go to buy good food. And one day we will have the opportunity to own our own creation—each of us to be a shareholder in this concept that will own our local butcher shops, processing plants, farms, restaurants—- anything we can imagine. All in service of good food, regionally produced and sold, and the people along the way to make it possible.

I very much look forward to this journey with you.