Who are we?

By Mark Wilhelms

Who Are We?
Hello and welcome to a community. I find truly extraordinary. Our name embodies a product (‘Red Meat’) and a place (‘Market’) and that place provides much more than commerce. It’s really about culture and community. At Red Meat Market, we’re cultivating the hearts and minds of good people who share an interest in good meat—grass-fed, sustainably-produced and humanely-processed beef, pork and lamb.

We’re a community of devoted “steak-holders” who care as much about what’s on our planet as what’s on our plate. We’re ranchers, farmers, butchers, chefs, charcutiers, retailers and consumers. Although our roles differ, we share a common interest as investors and builders of a better food system.

Through the enabling power of Red Meat Market’s social platform and the communal passion of our stake-holders, we’ll learn from each other and become more informed, inspired and influential producers and consumers. Collectively, we will create and sustain robust markets for good meat in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and beyond. I hope you’ll join our growing ranks within the Social Food Movement by becoming a member of Red Meat Market today.

So enjoy yourself in our Red Meat Market community. Participate and connect. Share your support with wonderful providers by enjoying the sustainable meats they offer in our market. You are part of a local movement for a better life for our animals, our health and our planet. Together we will do great things.

Mark Wilhelms

Mark Wilhelms is the Founder of Red Meat Market. You can find Mark on and Twitter