An american ritual - Tailgating with Meat, Beer and Football

By Chewing the Cud with Mark Wilhelms

The size of the average National Football League player has been growing by an average of 10% since 1985, so it’s no surprise the average weight is now 247 pounds. The really jumbo guys can easily top 350 pounds.


No wonder we refer to the guys who play in the NFL as sides of beef, right?

You’re seeing bigger bodies in college football, too. Some of these players are so big they almost deserve their own zip code.

I’m sure those gridiron gladiators, whether college or pro, fuel up on plenty of beef. And that’s something we have in common with those macho men, even if we’re more like a 98-pound weakling than a football stud.

There’s something about dining on beef outside from the back of a mini van stocked to the ceiling with Food, Beer and Booze! – maybe a tender New York strip steak or perhaps some thick, tasty hamburgers—that just seems to go together with a cold Beer or Bloody Mary just before game time. You don’t see a whole lot of sushi or Cobb salad or fondue pots at the average tail-gating party and for good reason. Football is a exhilarating, dynamic sport that demands the big, bold, savory flavors only beef can supply.

There are hundreds of taste tested Tailgating recipes and the Iowa Beef council has a nice list!

Barbecue-style Meatballs

Beef Kabobs with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Beefy Bagel Spread

Dried Beef Garden Pizza

Dried Beef Pickle Dip

Pesto Beef Sandwich in the Round

Sizzling Salsa Steak Sandwich

Slow Cooker Chilly Day Beef Chili

Speedy Sirloin Steak Salad

Steak Sizzlers

Sweet n’ Sauer Burger

Tailgate Tacos

Here at Red Meat Market, we’re in the business of supplying delicious, nutritious, high-quality beef from local providers. None of our meat is raised on a factory farm, so it’s all natural and completely free from hormones and antibiotics.

The next time you’re going to watch some football, whether in the stadium parking lot or nestled on the couch, enhance the experience with the perfect food for the game – Red Meat!

Now chew on that!