Be a local meat patriot! Empower the movement! EAT IT then TWEET IT!

By Mark Wilhelms

Eat it Share It

While everyone talks about the “Local Movement” of locally pastured, sustainable meat, and that we all should empower it, we said HOW? It’s like asking an army to charge forward without guns or ammo or even a sense of common purpose! We can’t start a movement without a battle cry and a sense that we are being heard. Movements can be very effective as long as there is a clear goal and a clear call to action.  Social Media are the weapons of choice and Twitter, Facebook and Google +, the ammunition! 

I say, “Empower the local meat system” with a national campaign called Eat it! Tweet it! Two hastags to drive the movement: “#GoodMeat #ChooseLocal”. The campaign hashtag should be tweeted, shared and posted through all forms of social media. The “#Eat it! Tweet it!” campaign enables all meat lovers, carnivores, chefs, butchers and providers to unite and empower the local meat movement through the power of social sharing. 

President Obama got reelected with Keep America going #Forward and #VoteObama.  This was an early arsenal motto with a clear goal and a clear call to action that worked. “The #GoodMeat #ChooseLocal” campaign has a clear goal and a clear call to action as well that will empower local meat lovers with a rally cry to create change and revolution in the local meat system,” said Wilhelms.  Our revolution targets meat lovin local #GoodMeat Carnivores who either can’t find good meats or can’t find a place to eat good meat and or don’t even know about the advantages of good meat.

Here’s how it works; when a local, meat loving patriot finds themselves in a place where a restaurant, butcher or chef doesn’t offer local meat but the owner or chef wants to, they simply use Twitter to tweet the hashtag, “#GoodMeat #ChooseLocal” and @tag the restaurant. This sends an “alert signal” to the entire local meat system to connect that restaurant with locally pastured meat providers. Red Meat Market (RMM) will empower and monitor this every minute and connect the providers with buyers!

Imagine these simple scenarios:

Did you just enjoy a great grass-fed steak? Eat it then Tweet it!
Are you at a restaurant that serves locally pastured Meat? Eat it then Tweet it!
Did you just meet a butcher who offers locally pastured meats? Eat it then Tweet it!
Are you at a restaurant that doesn’t serve naturally pastured meats but wants to? Tweet it!
Did you just receive an order from a local provider? Eat it then Tweet it!

“Chicago has always been a meat town and a center for change. One of the last scenes of The Jungle, Upton Sinclair’s 1908 masterpiece about Chicago’s meatpacking industry, takes place at a Socialist rally. Downtrodden and abused stockyard workers, many from Eastern Europe, all hopelessly exploited, froth in righteous anger as the orator chants, “Chicago will be ours! Chicago will be ours!”

Over a century later, the stockyards have been shut down, and a new rally cry for “#GoodMeat #ChooseLocal” commands the same righteous anger of our taking power of the food system back from the industrial distribution chain and giving it to the people

Do you want to take on “Big Meat” and Feedlots?Do you want to stop the use of antibiotics in meat? Do you want the USDA to continue feeding pink slime to our children? Do you want to stop the abuse of our animals in overcrowded slaughterhouses? Do you want to support the local meat movement?  Do you like enjoy a nice tasty naturally pastured steak?

Then EAT IT and TWEET IT!  I like #GoodMeat!  I #ChooseLocal! I support the movement @redmeatmarket

Eat it Tweet It

RED MEAT MARKET announces a National Campaign to Empower the Local Meat System called, “#GoodMeat #ChooseLocal”

Mark Wilhelms is the Founder of Red Meat Market. You can find Mark on and Twitter