Drink Red, Break Bread. Its Red Meat time baby!

By Chewing the Cud with Mark Wilhelms

Cowboy Mark Wilhelms
Have you ever thought about how many of the pleasures Americans used to embrace are no longer cool? I mean, Mad Men style cool?

Three martini lunches? Gone. No one can afford to get tipsy in this tough economy. Smoking? Sharing a smoke after a meal? Gone.

Luckily, we can still savor least one succulent vice from the good ol’ days: a big, thick, unregulated, politically correct, delicious steak. I call it the 3rd Vice. Its not really a vice if it’s good meat! Good local meat is good for you. Bad supermarket or fast food meat will kill you. That’s a vice.

Every time I sit down at a white table clothed round-top with my closest pals and order Steak – it’s a special occasion. We celebrate our successes, renew our friendships and build new ones over a well-cut and well-prepared bloody slab of red meat. We celebrate over a carcass of a slaughtered animal with a glass of fine red wine or brown liquor. It’s something woven deeply into the American experience, a ritual of dining and brotherhood that dates back to the caveman.

Can you imagine a life as a businessman, without steak? Impossible.

You’re going to light it up after closing that big deal with a chopped salad? C’mon! When you celebrate your promotion, you’re going to splurge on a plate of spaghetti? Forgetaboutit! Are you really going to mark your retirement with a piece of fish? Really?? When you’re out on the town, swaggering through the local version of the “Viagra triangle,” singing a swinging Sinatra tune, are you going to refuel with a Chicken Breast? No way. It’s Red Meat time Baby.

We’re doing our part at Red Meat Market by offering meat from the highest quality, local, sustainable and natural grass fed or organic beef. You simply won’t find a better tasting, nutrient packed meat. Remember, good meat is good. Bad Meat will kill you. Redmeatmarket.com has only good meat.

Steak is part of our American birthright, brothers and sisters, so embrace it. If it’s good meat, eat away! A great steak in celebration of the victories of life, small or large, still is and always will be, cool.

Now “Chew on that!

Mark Wilhelms is the Founder of Red Meat Market. You can find Mark on and Twitter