Butcher Classes and Breakdowns

By Red Meat Market

Butcher Class

When we launched Red Meat Market, we referred to ourselves as the “Amazon.com” for local meat. As with any good start-up, we have grown and evolved by listening to the market and accommodating to the wants and needs of the group. One of the biggest things we discovered is that most people have never experienced a good, old-fashioned butcher shop like many of us did growing up. The only step of the breakdown process consumers experience is seeing the meat in plastic trays at the grocery store. They don’t get to experience the smell of smoked meats, see band saws cutting whole sides of beef and understand first-hand how these delicious cuts make it to their table. Our ears perked when customers showed a desire to not only know where the meat came from but what part of the animal specific cuts come from. Basically, who is the butcher and what does he do?

From this revelation, Red Meat Market Butcher Classes were born. In 2013 we sold out every class and are continuing on that track this year. Each class provides a completely “immersive” meat-cutting experience. No one is sitting back and watching demos, they are actually cutting the meat under the supervision and tutelage of some of the greatest master butchers in the Midwest. To get an idea of what you’re missing out on, check out Red Meat Market’s Facebook page to get an idea of what these classes have to offer.

So, we listened and we learned. While Red Meat Market will continue to distribute locally-pastured meat products to retailers, wholesalers and online grocers, we have evolved into an event-planning company as much a meat company. Beyond social media platforms that provide vibrant, hyper-niche communities for us to connect on (which we love and appreciate!) we decided to take it to the next level and provide a space for us meat-lovers to connect in person. All our classes are based in Chicago but we have exciting plans for expanding to Milwaukee and Madison, so stay tuned!

We have had several successful event this year and have many more to come. Our classroom is in the Fulton Market meat district in the heart of Chicago. To learn more about our butcher classes, here’s a “breakdown”:

We offer four “hands-on” meat-cutting, sausage-grinding, bone-sawing experiences:

  • Whole hog breakdown
  • Amish spring-lamb breakdown
  • Bull breakdown
  • Sausage-making

Every butcher class includes a cooking demonstrations with trays full of – you guessed it – tasty meat! So, lunch is on us. You will meet the provider who raised the animals, learn proper knife skills, butchering techniques and breakdown an entire animal into tasty steaks, chops, roasts and burgers. We will provide everything you need to get the job done.
  Each person goes home with three to four pounds of personally wrapped cuts which, depending on the class, may include a variety of chops, tenderloin, ribs, ground sausages and more. All classes cost $150 per person and are held at The Centered Chef Studios, a pristine culinary kitchen in Chicago’s Fulton Meat Market.

Go as a couple, treat yourself or give as a gift to someone you love. Our classes are limited to 24 people, so it’s important to register as early as possible. Reserve your spot today! Learn more about our classes for 2015 at Red Meat Market.