The Legend of Mother Choriza!: A Butcher’s Story

By Red Meat Market

Mother Choriza Book

Bullies, bandits, butcher and building your own dream is the basis for Red Meat Market founder, Mark Wilhelms’ recently released children’s book, The Legend of Mother Choriza!: A Butcher’s Story. The legend of Mother Choriza tells the tale of a beloved butcher, forced by circumstances beyond his control, to take refuge among the nuns in the convent of a small village. While living among the sisters, the butcher learns his life can continue through the power of sharing his talent, making the most delicious and succulent sausages in the world. He teaches us to follow our talents, adapt to change, stay true to our goals and fend off bullies who try to stop you or put you down. This story will leave you entertained, informed and hungry for some delicious locally-farmed sausage!

A character himself, author Mark Wilhelms has built his career on following dreams, sharing talents, making life meaningful and – most importantly - having fun while doing it. When he founded Red Meat Market in 2012, he had been dreaming of a social marketplace where buyers could easily source local, sustainable, all-natural meat in one place. Visions of a virtual community, social gatherings like farm dinners and butcher parties, “meat” and greets with other “loca-vores” as well as ranch visits came to life. The idea of bringing everyone together to live for a better food system, connect the dots between “farm to front porch” with good meat from good people became a reality. Today, Red Meat Market is more than just a place to buy all-natural meat, it’s a community of successful, thoughtful meat lovers who understand the role local family farms and ranches play in creating a sustainable, healthy food system.  

Choosing good meat – and by “good” we mean, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, humanely-treated, locally-raised and sustainably-farmed – is a great decision for the planet and your health. An important part of our mission at Red Meat Market is to teach the next generation the importance of supporting local farmers who raise their animals to be healthy and happy in natural pastures. Serving good meat to your children is the only way to ensure a safe and healthy diet free from harmful ingredients. Mother Choriza will tell you!

This story is available on Amazon in a beautifully illustrated 60-page book or for Kindle.